Changing Lives with Joseph Langdon on the Happiness Agenda


This is a compelling story of overcoming adversity and setting your sights on changing the lives of people first in your city but with sites in the United States.

Joseph has a compelling story and a methodology for finding ways to help many other people.

What is your mission? Would you like to change lives?

Reach out to Joseph if your missions align!


Who is Joseph Langdon [1:34]

How Fast Flips Remodelling helps people get jobs? [3:53]

A Child has to be a CHILD [4:36]

Prisons are not set up to teach skills [7:36]

From Prisoners to Entrepreneurs [10:00]

Investment is just job MONEY [10:30]

Joseph P Langdon Enterprise, LLC. [13:14]

No one can replace Joseph [17:30]

Learn to Change the World [21:10]

What people don’t realize [21:11]

Teaching Child with Financial Literacy [26:44]



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