A Great Way To Engage Your Audience

Here’s a ‘biff’ on the back of your head is not a great way to engage your audience.

But don’t tell my high school social studies teacher that!

Engaging your audience is an art. Most people think it is easy but when you know that the average person’s concentration lasts about 30 seconds how do you keep them engaged?

So many things call for our attention these days and god knows we have to check our cell phone every few seconds to see if something life-altering is happening!

So how then do we engage our audience effectively?

Most people do not consider themselves expert speakers. Most are just satisfied with getting up in front of the group and not embarrassing themselves. But we all really do want to be more. We all want people to see our expertise, to recognize our confidence, to be assured that we know what we are talking about. and most of all to NOT BE BORING!

And there is what this quick article is all about. To grab and hold your audience’s attention it is vital that you do not talk about yourself. Do not tell your story unless you have ‘storytized™’ it. This is a style used by Steve Sapato where you take your story and tell it using your audience’s memories and emotions. It is this connection that allows you to completely engage your audience with stories, anecdotes, questions, and ideas that gets that immersion factor and you will never be boring again.

Your questions and stories that engage their memories and thoughts are the ever so subtle ‘biff’ to the back of their heads that they don’t even realize they received. And, the walk away feeling like you are one of the best speakers or presenters they have ever encountered. That’s because you are.

Holding your audience’s attention to share an idea, get a message out, teach them or present a meeting will never be a problem again. Getting them to act or react once every minute will never be a challenge as it will be for many other presenters.

Write to Steve about his Storytizing™ course so you can begin to learn how to engage your audience.

Steve@stevesapato.com  www.stevesapatoseminars.com

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