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Building Self Confidence and Helping Others by Using His Public Speaking Skills

Steve Sapato has been sharing his business acumen and experience for over 40 years through two primary outlets; personally presenting and speaking as well as training companies and organizations on how to improve their processes.

Audiences, ranging from 10 to 10,000, are consistently engaged in the interactive presentations that address business success at its often-overlooked core, namely the state of your personal self-worth. Each attendee leaves with life-changing perspectives and actionable steps to achieve personal and business success. 

Getting better at public speaking has become a skill needed for people from every walk of life and business. These people need to be better presenters, whether online or in person. Steve’s courses and coaching for public speaking will give you confidence in your personal and business life.

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Steve Speaks

To wet your appetite and arouse your curiosity, here are but a few of Steve’s most life-changing and popular training talk subjects.

‘Great Managers Are Made, Not Born’

is a keynote address where Steve delivers a hint of what is to come with true-life examples, quotes, anecdotes, and universal principles guaranteed to build stronger and better companies when applied at the management level.

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‘The Proper Method For Cooking A Frog’

addresses the debilitating procrastination that adversely affects your life, those around you, your job performance, and corporate life.

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‘Your Search For Happiness is Making You Unhappy’

highlights the futility of happiness as an end goal when it’s actually a result of meaningful pursuits. It also uncovers how too many options breed unhappiness.

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‘Your Grocery List Is Your Key To Success’

teaches goal setting and how to use them to achieve life and business success.

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‘QL Method For Success’

innovatively addresses the art of listening, questioning, and communication to improve your people skills toward the desired outcome.

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‘Great Presentations Create Great Opportunities’

 will set you up to become a superior presenter in front of any group or organization to ignite change and create opportunity.

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Steve’s Career Highlights

  • Steve owned five brick and mortar businesses before stepping into Steve Sapato Seminars & SpeakerTalks
  • He has traveled the United States as a corporate speaker & trainer
  • He started Steve Sapato Seminars in 1990 to help businesses and people grow into whoever they dream they can be
  • He then started SpeakerTalks Success Academy in 2018 to help people become more authentic and successful in their personal & professional lives

Passion Powers Confident Speaking

So, how about you?

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your audience hang on your every word?

For people to do that, you need to say far less than you thought you ought.

D.H. Lawrence put it perfectly; ‘Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say and say it hot.’

John Ford describes where that passion is found. He said; ‘You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.’

Drawing on that wisdom is about going deep inside yourself. It is from there that you will move people. Your audience will love how listening to you makes them feel, how it inspires and moves them. 

Passion is the antidote to nervousness and fills you with confidence in what you want to convey. Understanding how your words will genuinely help others leverages your speaking to another level. It becomes about others and not about you and everyone loves something they can benefit from.

Public Speaking Does Not Have To Be Boring

Working alongside Steve, the art of public speaking can be yours. There are umpteen ‘how to become a public speaker’ offers out there, few of which will inspire you to be who you are. It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about developing what is already there. All you need is already in your possession, you just haven’t understood how to access it.

Boring speaking happens when you are talking about yourself. Speaking, using your audience’s emotions, memories and experiences, is what will transform you into someone that people want to hear and listen to. Create success for you because people feel like you care. This is why Steve created his signature course, Storytizing™

Why Grow Your Public Speaking Skills?

Can you see yourself speaking with confidence before a group of people? Would you welcome the opportunity to become a high visibility presenter, full of passion and confidence?

Would you like to get paid $10,000 to speak? Or receive a standing ovation? Perhaps just huge accolades?

There are many boring speakers, and most of them don’t even realize they are boring. Make sure you don’t suffer the same fate as them. Becoming a great presenter and speaker should be your priority instead.

Do not hope you have the best training, know you are learning from the best speaking trainer in the country, and use these new skills to transform your life.