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Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal.

There have been a couple studies working for almost 75 years. On happiness and longevity. Do you want to live longer and be happier?

Here’s what they found – that the people who had fulfilling personal relationships were happier and lived longer that those who don’t.

Well Steve! That’s a DUH statement isn’t it? If we could all find those wonderful relationships then yes, of course, we would be happy.

If that is the truth, then why haven’t you? Why haven’t you found a relationship that fulfills you and keeps on going? We will talk about that… later, because –

That is only part of the equation. Happiness from relationships is understood. But they also found that shared goals and dreams made people happier. That means your spouse doesn’t have to share your dream to go to Aruba and it doesn’t dull your love. You need a great friend who may or may not be your partner but an amazingly great friendship. Your spouse might love whittling or knitting and while you are busy with your hobby they can be busy with theirs. And still you can share that wonderful thing called intimacy. But they can do their thing and you can do yours!! With the right person or people in your life.

This video can help you find your happiness. Go ahead click it… then come back.

If it is the truth, if you know that a great relationship can make you happier. Why don’t you have one? Or, maybe you do and you simply want it to be better.

It’s the same reason most of us don’t fulfill our dreams an goals for our lives.

We have been taught not to pursue them.

That’s crazy. Yes, in my workshops I have to teach people how to pursue and find their happiness. How when you draw a flower a rose doesn’t have to be red and leaves don’t have to be green. That is true in our live.

But you have been told since you were little not to do, not to try, not to pursue … when you were young they said – Listen To Your Parents – but when do we stop listening to them? I taught college for several years and when we talked about what the students wanted to be, do, or become after college I asked how many of them will do this? Almost all of them said, I WILL! And then I asked, do you think your parents thought the same thing?

Most said, we are sure they did. Then why didn’t they? Why don’t they even now? and all of them said, they can’t. THEY CAN’T!

What does that mean? It meant, they have responsibilities – mortgage, car loans, kids, responsibilities that won’t allow them to escape. Many said their parents hated their jobs. Why don’t they quit? Benefits… pay… time in their jobs.. they are only ten years away from retiring…

Ten years of being miserable still to go. What moods do you think they came home in every day?

In my workshop I deal with all of these issues. I can’t. I have responsibilities. I am trapped. My kids need. My husband needs. My wife needs.

And therefore they think they cannot live their dreams, find more happiness, or create their life. But after my course they have found that they can.

All of that is possible and MORE!

Do you want more happiness? More success? More laughter? More love? More passion? MORE ADVENTURE?

Then you should come…

I am Steve Sapato and I can help you make your dreams come true.


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