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OK! Here is the deal with business cards, unless you understand their purpose you are wasting everyone’s time giving me your unreadable business card.
The statistics are ridiculous. 88% of all business cards are thrown away within 7 days and 68% are not even looked at once you give them out.

So why have a business card?

The Number One reason to have a business card is to write down the other person’s information.
The Number Two reason to have a business card is…

Wait, there is no real reason except that it makes us feel better. I try not to give away my business card. I don’t offer it but I am always asking for yours. If you and I have a connection and I believe we might create a connection then I take yours and I hang on to it and I send you an email asking, how can I help you create more success in your business?

No one answers.

Most people have no idea how to design a business card. First, are you a celebrity marketer or a commodity marketer?

If you sell real estate or insurance my guess is you are a celebrity. Because no matter what company you sell for you want people to buy from YOU!

If you are a commodity like a wholesaler, beer distributor, pipe or metal seller then you want them to remember your company! And your territory will protect your sale.
As a celebrity, you want your picture on your card so people recognize you and look for you and want to meet you.

No picture? Why not?

Then there is the type and font. Make your info as large as possible. Far too many people try to make their cards cute or pretty. If you are a photographer then you need to have the background be special and convey an image or quality. Most people do not need that and yet they make their fonts so small you can barely read the words. Stop all of the cuteness and FILL your card with information about you. No ridiculous images, swirls, or messages. No one will look at it anyway.

88% are thrown away within 7 days! 68% are never looked at again but fished out of their pocket or purse and tossed unceremoniously into the trash.

If someone wants to keep your information make it LEGIBLE to them without a magnifying glass.

Make it a large font and don’t leave artistic blank spaces anywhere. Don’t include a fax! You will tell them that information if you ever need someone to fax. They won’t have your card to look it up anyway!

Your photo, your phone, your EMAIL whether you think they need t or not! Your name and WHAT YOU DO!

Here are a couple of examples of cards – JUL Strategy, Business Clubs, OnPurposeConsulting, Getting Clarity, Success-total success mindset. Moonshine Creative Group, Profit-enriching practitioners but what do they do for US? Why should I keep their card?

Every card should define what you do for your client. SpeakerTalks, we put you on-stage to become the expert in your field.

What does your card say you do for people?

Here is a Total Car Care- that’s it! Why not Total Car Care where we make your car shine so people notice you! Or – Your car represents you, how will people see you today?

Nina in the Kitchen- and nothing else! How about, where our recipes make you the talk of the town. Where our recipes make your family happy.

Business cards are meant to do only two things, bring business to you or bring you a visit to your business, website or social media.

What is YOUR business card doing for you?

Bring in this card for 40% off your next purchase.

Handwrite a number on it and then it says, register your number on our website in the next 48 hours and be put into our drawing for $100.

This card is worth one free cup of coffee with a pastry/meal/$10 purchase and then make sure your people take the card and give it back (if you are a restaurant)

Again I will ask, what does your business card do for you, not your business.

2,000 business cards increase your company sales by 2.5%. Your business card does almost nothing for your business so make it work for you!

But wait, there is hope. If you are learning and growing from this then the next step is to make things EASY for your prospects or contacts.


What you see above is a bookmark. Yes, I said, a bookmark! Every successful person you know is reading a book. At least one at any given time. Are you? Hint-hint!  Imagine every time someone sees their book sitting, waiting that they also see STOP BORING SPEAKERS sticking out of the top. What would your bookmark say?

And then, at least one QR code to take them to one of your websites. GO AHEAD, take a picture of my QR code and see where it takes you.

We all have to seek new ideas that need to be innovative and inexpensive yet help us break out of the mold everyone else seems to be using.

I hope this has helped you. Let me know?

I am Steve Sapato, the most famous unfamous speaker in America at where I teach you to make the most out of your life and business.
I would love to see your business card and your new bookmarks!


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