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Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

“Speaking with confidence is life-changing.”
Steve Sapato 

If you knew that simply embarking on a course for public speaking could exponentially grow your business and your income, would you want to know more?

Smart speaking is not an innate ability, but you can develop the skills you need.

Live & Virtual Events

“Practice makes perfect” & “Education is the key to success” Combine these two quotes and you get live speaking events with education that will be the key to your future. 

Training & Coaching

Getting to be a world class speaker requires hard work and a great coach. Steve Sapato is one of the best and his programs will teach you speaking and teach you the business of speaking so you can earn that six-figure income you want. 

Steve At Your Event

Are looking for a great speaker for your next leadership, corporate, or training event? With over 30 years of corporate training on how to be a better speaker and leader, Steve will help you accomplish the goals you have in mind. 

You have to be good at public speaking if you want to achieve your goals 

It has well been noted that great speakers are not born they are made and Steve can help you become a great speaker. Warren Buffet in 2017 said, “public speaking was the number one way to increase your value to the company and to yourself.” When you speak with confidence it gives you the attributes you need to conduct your life, your business, and your relationships successfully which include:

  • Tapping into your particular interpersonal attributes makes you unique
  • Mastering your weaknesses makes you accessible
  • Authenticity helps others resonate with you

People who are comfortable talking are not automatically great speakers. Many of them are quite boring. 

Have you noticed how many people are boring?

Today’s audiences are smart and smell a fake sales pitch a mile away. Conversely, engaging your audience with an inner sense of equilibrium and authenticity is what captures their attention.

Why Do You Need Speaker Training?

Are you seeking a promotion? Perhaps you’re starting a business. Or maybe you’re looking to become a professional speaker who earns a 6-figure income, or maybe you just want to be more confident.

Great! Your next step is to enroll in a program for public speaking.

You have reached the right place for that.

Because I care that you become the very best version of yourself. I care that you will be an inspiration to others of how great someone can be as a speaker. I care that my reputation in getting you there adds value for both of us. 

While working together, yes, I will teach you how to be a great speaker, but I can also teach you all aspects of being a highly paid professional speaker.

Lessons include, but are surely not limited to:

 On stage performance and virtual on-camera performance 
 Speaker sizzle reel
 Opening doors for speaking opportunities
 Storytelling signature course called Storytizing
 Capturing your audience’s full attention
 Gaining confidence to be visible


 Your speaker sheets and fee schedule
Stage presence and positioning
Word choice and conversation
 Speaker marketing
 Gaining leadership qualities
 You’ll be taught in at least twenty-five areas of speaking

Steve Sapato’s professional training offers tools and skills embedded in the public speaking courses that will catapult you where you need to be. Steve will be your unseen partner. Someone who cares about how you come across and how that affects your business and your personal wealth.

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