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Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

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Fear of Public Speaking Affects 4 in 10 Americans

Speaker in a Box is a course with the sole purpose of helping you overcome your fears and deliver a talk with confidence. And no, we aren’t just going to tell you to picture the audience in their underwear. That actually never works.

Are You Afraid of Public Speaking?

Does the thought of speaking to a group of people more than your mom and dad get your pulse racing? Maybe a little panic-stricken?

You’re not alone – glossophobia is quite real and affects 4 out of 10 Americans.

No, glossophobia isn’t a weird fungal infection… it’s the fear of public speaking and luckily there’s a cure, so you can toss that paperbag, stop feigning an illness, and put away those calming tablets.

Just get Speaker in a Box – we’ve got hundreds of success stories to prove it works!

Why Do a Course on Public Speaking?

It’s all about being able to communicate effectively, no matter which industry you’re in, or whether it’s in the boardroom or your aunt’s 60th birthday. And you can either be like 40% of the population, sweaty and afraid of every speaking opportunity OR you can join the other 60% who aren’t afraid to open their mouths.

Just… don’t do the same training as the rest of that 60% who all did the same boring courses. Do Speaker in a Box, speak with confidence, stop the yawn fest, and stand out for all the right reasons!


Learn from decades worth of experience from Steve Sapato, an author, certified virtual presenter, and professional trainer.


Hone your skills as a professional speaker, master the fundamentals and channel confidence.


Gain access to the very best of Steve Sepato’s 40+ years of experience in the form of quality training for your investment.

Don’t Be Afraid

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