Get Your Ticket To Achieve Your Dream! What are yo waiting for? At this price you should buy two so you can enjoy twice the results!

For 2021 You Get Admission For Both Days Of Training and Presenting

  • 1 Day of Speaker Stage Guidance for all participating presenters/speakers
  • Breakfast & lunch for the presenters/speakers both days
  • Professional guidance on your presentation on Day 1
  • One Audience admission for you for TWO great days; one of speaker training and day 2 is watching great speakers
  • Professional Photographer in the house offering professional headshots if arranged with Steve or Kristen Sapato (additional fee required)
  • Photos with Paul Finck, & Elena Rahrig

1-Full day of SpeakerTalks™  training from great trainers and world-traveling speakers

You will learn how to become a great speaker, how to build your business from many speaking perspectives, how to write your book, building your business to make much more money, and how to build an online presence that will continue to make you money for years to come. while you are attending.

Even more, you will get to watch great speakers, learn how to market your business, and generate speaking opportunities. No one else is teaching in these areas!

2020 price was $150
Now $50