I am Stunned By How Badly People Show Up To Attend Online Events

I am STUNNED by how badly people show up to attend online events.
It doesn’t matter if it’s corporate events with your peers and bosses or if it’s with your networking business associates or training for online webinars.
What are you all thinking of?
Would you show up at an office looking like that? Attending an online event is not a Get-In-Free Card! It’s a great opportunity to connect with people that you may not have connected with already visually or to impress those same people with how you are or appear as a knowledgeable, informed, intelligent leader of people!
You and I have seen people come to the Online Venue looking like they are homeless. We have seen people who don’t seem to have any interest in what is being said. We have seen people with their hair not combed, no make-up on, in their pajamas, their out-door weeding clothes, in wife-beater t-shirts! OMG!
What are you thinking?
When you show up for any business opportunity think, why would I want to do anything, work or fun, with people who look like this?
How you present yourself says volumes about you. Do I expect you to show up in suits like you were in the office? No, of course not. But I do expect you to show up dressed well (at least from the waist up) and demonstrating that you have some vague interest in what is being said.
By that same token, I expect the people LEADING the meetings to come prepared, being succinct and interesting, and yes! Even entertaining in how they present their material.
I teach people how to be interesting in any presentation.
I know, many people say, but Steve, my material is boring!
Here is the truth, your material is dry, you are boring!
But that is an entirely different course!
Here are the rules for attending any online event.
Have your camera on
Sit up on the edge of your chair
Be interested or get off the event
Dress like a pro
Ask questions & take notes
Introduce yourself with each question
Have a tag line if it’s not your office (i.e. the President gets introduces as Pres of XYZ, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, what is your title or tag line?) Steve Sapato, the most famous unfamous speaker in America. Or Steve Sapato here, I am the leading expert in Becoming Visible to create your success.

Never –
Lean on the back of your chair
Dress poorly
Eat while attending
Try doing several things while you are attending
Never cover your camera if you are part of the corporate event
This will create higher visibility

I am Steve Sapato your expert on creating more success for yourself. steve@stevesapato.com


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