How to Become a Public Speaker

By becoming a student of Steve Sapato, you not only become a better speaker but also become a part of his family. Steve’s website provides a wealth of support, which contributes to your speaking prowess.  As you embark on your public speaking journey, your experience will expand and so will your need for additional learning as new situations present you with new and unexpected challenges.

‘When you have a message that must be heard and that will create an impact, you must be an engaging speaker’  – Steve Sapato

One-On-One Coaching Programs

Be A Great Speaker Training

Steve Sapato has busted the myth that talented speakers have to be outgoing personality types. Some of the most ineffective speakers are extroverts!

Every character and personality can and has been trained to become an excellent speaker. This 6-month program will get your signature talk ready to deliver for any keynote speaking opportunity. 

The Business of Speaking Requires Business Training

This 10-month training program will help you perfect your keynote talk, put together all your assets, and will teach how to build your speaking business. 

This is an extension of Be a Great Speaker Training Course and includes all from that course plus business training to help you succeed in your business career.

SpeakerTalks Training

Your signature talk will sell you, your abilities, your manner, and your magic in under 15 minutes of onstage performance. Plan, develop, and learn to deliver a consistent talk time and time again. 

This 8-week training will teach you how to deliver a 15-minute talk, put on the SpeakerTalks stage, and give you a 15-Minute professionally recorded video. So you can be seen as the expert and promote yourself in all the areas you want to be seen. 

Virtual Speaker Training

Many people have adapted to working from home. Office video conferencing, online presenting, and online conferences have become the norm 

This 12-week training will teach you how to effectively engage any virtual audience. Virtual speaker training enhances skills to reduce Zoom fatigue, which we call Boring Speaker Syndrome.

If you don’t want to be boring, you’ve come to the right place.

Stop Boring Meetings

The only way to stop boring meetings is to get the Leader Elite Presenter Training. If that presenter is you, then this course is for you. This training is designed for corporate teams or individuals that want to lead BETTER MEETINGS!

This 3-5 hour workshop is for corporate offices or individuals that want to be heard, understood, and most of all NOT RUN BORING UNENDING meetings.

Book More Appointments as A Better Networker

Successful networking is a breeze if you know what proven protocols work. Avoiding classic networking errors is obvious but proactively understanding how to engage with people in a way they enjoy is another thing. Here’s where to get that expertise.

This 3-5 hour workshop is for business professionals that want to book a lot more appointments, close more sales, and make more money.

Speaker Talks Live

We put you on stage in front of an audience and cameras to deliver your best 15-minute talk on the topic of your choosing. This talk is recorded and delivered to you so you have a professionally recorded video to use for getting booked as an expert speaker.

This 2-day event is available to the public and puts you on stage with other speakers that will be cheering you on the entire time!

OnDemand Training

Be A Better Networker Course

ONLINE SELF STUDY VERSION of the wildly popular coaching program.

Learn How to avoid classic networking errors, proactively understand how to engage with people in a way they enjoy, and be super successful at your next networking event.

Here’s where to learn that expertise.

Speaker In A Box Course


We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pockets. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door.

Don’t let your fear keep you from your success. Gain the confidence to change your life and let Steve show you how. 


Stop Boring Meetings Course

ONLINE SELF STUDY VERSION of this corporate and individual program. The only way to stop boring meetings is to learn how to not be boring by learning how to properly run a meeting from start to finish. 

This training will help you be more engaging and lead meetings your staff and colleagues don’t dread! What are the four most hated words in any company- Time For The Meeting. 

Learn how to stop that. Grab this course now!


Part-Time Marketing Maverick

When you need an expert to look over your marketing materials, social media plans and someone to bounce your pitch ideas off of, Steve is here for you!

This unique membership gives you email access to Steve to review vital matters, posts memes, marketing, and any ideas you want to have input on.

It’s always great to have someone to run your ideas by for an honest opinion backed by years of experience. 

Speaker Leads Membership

If you’re struggling to find speaker leads, or don’t have the time to do the research, this membership delivers over 250 leads to your inbox monthly! Our leads cover leadership, medical, education, business, personal development, and more. They include both in-person and virtual stages for you to participate in. These are all paid speaking opportunities.

If you want free speaking opportunities, please ask for my white paper for 108 speaking gigs.

Get Stuff Done Membership

Offered by our operations partner the team at My Clone Solution help you Get Stuff Done while on a budget in your business.

Are you struggling with knowing what to do, how to do it, or what you should be doing to move the needle forward?

This group meets weekly and the conversation will help you decide what you need to do and when to do it yourself or invest in the team to assist!

Workbooks & Downloads

Get An Appointment From Every Networking Event!

Networking is a game that every professional does at some point in their career, right?

Then why are so many people doing it wrong? Networking is about relationships and growing. So here is the way to make that happen every time you go networking!

People Skills Workbook

People make this world what it is for better or for worse. If you want to be successful, you need to be great at reading people, understanding their spoken words and their body language.

This workbook is all about how to do just that and make yourself a leader just by doing a bit of observation!

Speaker Reel Production

Steve has compiled a ton of motivation, real-life experiences, FAQs, and updated material often featured at fun events for the purpose of edification.

You’ve come to the right place to have someone in your corner on your public speaking journey.

Still, undecided on what’s right for you? But you know you want something in your life to change. Now is the time to reach out and talk with Steve.