Be A Better Networker

“Speaking with confidence is life-changing.”


Steve Sapato



How Can I Improve My Networking Skills?

Are You the Best in the Room? You Could Be!

Networking is absolutely essential to your professional success, whether you work for someone else or are an entrepreneur. Because if you aren’t out there growing your network, your business won’t grow. At all.

The good news is that networking is a skill that can be learned. The bad news is that you can have all those skills and concepts in the world, but if they never get pushed out there, nothing will happen. 

The More You Network, the Better – Especially If You’re Better At It

If you have a good, strong network, it’s not just about sales. It’s about sharing ideas, finding new problems to solve, developing lasting professional relationships, and of course… a better bottom line.

Networking right increases your business opportunities, your connections, access to expertise outside of your own company, and so much more!

Our Networking Training Teaches You:

  • How to connect and attract people through networking. 
  • How to approach people.
  • Which groups to approach and which to avoid.
  • How to enter any conversation – and how to exit.
  • The 5 questions that almost guarantee you an appointment.


Rely on teachings developed from over 40 years in the business to become an expert 1: 1 networker who knows how to put these skills to use.


Stop messing about with pointless conversations that go nowhere and become equipped to succeed.


If you aren’t networking, your business isn’t growing. Learn how to make every interaction count.


Build connections like a pro and make qualified sales calls.

What’s Included In This Training Package


Learn the importance of One Thing to succeed


Learn what one thing you need to know to succeed in online or weekly networking groups


Learn the different styles of in-person networking events


Learn how to present your elevator (opportunity talk) pitch so people actually remember you when they should


Learn how to read a room to see which place to go


Learn how to get an appointment from networking

Practice and learn from Steve personally to teach you everything about successful networking. 

Practice your delivery, your pace, rate of conversation, how to ask the right questions, how to lay the foundation for an appointment without being pushy or aggressive. You will be amazed at how successful you will be at networking after this one course.


Do networking properly.


Choose our instructor-led training or online course below, then get out there and make networking work for you.