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Steve Sapato



How To Be Great At Public Speaking

The Number One thing you need above it all is to create a successful connection with your audience. ~Steve Sapato

People who want to know how to get better at public speaking include both extroverts and introverts. That may come as a surprise if you presumed that all talented speakers are outgoing personality types. 

Steve Sapato has busted that myth. Every character, leader, and personality has been trained to become a great speaker.

Tried & Tested Tips on How to Get Better at Public Speaking

The truth is that great speakers exist because they believe strongly in conveying their message. That passion should transfer to your performance. Here are a few:

  • Kill Perfectionism – accept that you’re going to make mistakes and mess up here and there. Use mistakes like a rear-view mirror, to glance at for reference purposes only. Being fixated on the rearview will end in disaster. Instead, deliberately focus on the positives, replay them over and over and that will boost your confidence.
  • Be Yourself – while it’s helpful to be inspired by speakers you admire, save yourself the embarrassment of being but a poor imitator and invest in creating your own stage persona. Steve will identify your strengths that you can develop to that end.
  • Your Inner Critic Needs to Shut Upwatch that your inner dialogue is not being hijacked by what author Michael Singer calls your ‘crazy roommate’. All the negative thoughts running through your head, presenting you with arguments, worries, fears, and the like, are not real. Shut it down the moment it rears its ugly head in yours.
  • Slow Yourself Down – practice acquiring a low, calm, and reassuring speaking voice and deliver your message unhurriedly. When you breathe easy, so does your audience.
  • Back Yourself – have a Plan B for the unplanned occurrences, the awkward moments, or flops. Have a few one-liners to rescue the situation and focus on blaming yourself. Learn to take yourself less seriously – no one’s that important and no one is greater than or less than another.

What Your 6 Month Package Includes:


Receive Hands-On Personalized Individual Training from Steve Sapato


Write and Be Coached on Your Signature Topic(s)


Learn how to deliver your talks using at least 25 areas that will help you be a leader in professional speaking


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Establish Your Goals for Speaking and Your Business


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Learn How to Be a Leader in Audience Engagement


Deliver at Least 7 Videos That Will Be Professionally Critiqued by Steve Sapato


Learn How to Title Your Talk to Receive the Most Inquiries from Organizations


Receive your 15-min talk for your use in promoting yourself


Receive two self-study courses

  • Signature Talks
  • Storytizing

When you complete your 6 months of training you will be prepared to speak in front of and to any group or organization with the utmost confidence. And you will be ready to begin your promotions either through your business or through your new speaking career to help you achieve your goals.

Personal, group, or self study we have an option so everyone can be a great speaker!

Be A Better Speaker Offers Programs for Everyone – Yes, Even You

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