Are You Using Your Network to Grow Your Business?

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Here’s the sad truth… no one cares about you, which means that networking is not actually about you. It’s about whether you’re vital to their success. Yes, it’s about them. This and more secrets are revealed in this guide. 

People want to talk about themselves – are you listening?

Think about your 30 second elevator pitch. Does it go something like this… “Hi, my name is Blah, and I work at Blah Blah and we are fantastic at blah blah blah blah.”

That’s not impressive, it’s all about you, and it’s boring. So hit that reset button, stop talking about yourself, and flip it around so you stand out – for all the right reasons.

“Hi, my name is Blah. Let me ask you a question.”

That’s just a taste of how to make sure people want to buy from you, because the reality is that nobody likes to be sold to, but everybody loves to buy. Get An Appointment at Every Networking Event will teach you how to ask the right questions, listen for the right responses, and engage with your potential client so that if this is your ideal client you’ll almost be guaranteed an appointment.


Find and book more appointments for your business with invaluable lessons from Steve Sapato, an author, certified virtual presenter, and professional trainer.


Connect with people naturally, ask the right questions, listen for the right responses, and engage more with potential clients.


All coursework is compiled using 40 years’ experience in sharing business acumen and real-life motivational stories across America.