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Learn Public Speaking: How Great Signature Talks Define Your Marketability

‘One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.’ – Linda Lambert

Those who are deep-diving into how to learn public speaking will know that a signature talk is an essential presentation about showcasing your speaking ability. Every signature talk is crafted to meet your client’s needs. And selecting the mood and verbiage will make or break your presentation.

Steve Sapato has been there and done that more often than they change the ticker tape on the daily news. Intelligently leveraging impact, appeal, and information that engages and enthralls is his specialty and you need all of that and more to design a stunning signature talk.

Learning the Business of Signature Talks

‘How do I become a public speaker?’ you ask. Not by accident, that’s for sure. Intent, preparation, and skill combine as deliberately as ingredients in a flop-proof recipe.

Creating your signature talk is like designing your future as a successful speaker. Weigh yours carefully because your audience certainly will. 

Your goal should be to design a couple of signature talks to suit your anticipated opportunities. Each one needs to have sufficient impact to both engage, entertain and entice your audience to whatever action you’re wanting them to take.

Treat your audience with the respect they deserve. 

No one likes a sermon or a set of instructions. Rather, it’s best to provide enough motivation as you deliver your information so that they reach the desired conclusion on their own. It’s when we draw our own conclusions that they become a motivating force.

In the past, a healthy IQ score was highly esteemed and the ‘golden standard’ for your desirability or suitability. However, today’s audience demands a healthy EQ as well. Being in the business of people requires far emotional intelligence – after all, your audience won’t always remember all you say but they will forever remember how you made them feel.

Learn Public Speaking: Awaken Your Inner Storyteller

Your audience will remember the story you tell before they remember your information. Use that to remind them of your agenda. 

Storytelling is unique to the human species. Indeed, you have it within you too. 

The only rule is not to be boring. We can listen and learn but not to someone who is boring. 

People love stories and most storytelling curses will tell you to share your story. But how many webinars have you sat in where they told their stories and bored you to death! That is why you will learn Storytizing. Steve’s proprietary course teaches you how to tell your story but using the audience’s memories, emotions and experiences. Share any story about almost anything and as long as you Storyize it you will have success. 

The Coaches Role In Your SignatureTalk

The coach’s role is to help you discover several talks that work right out of the box. The box, meaning you have written them, practiced them, and with the grace of God someone asks you to perform that exact talk.

But what if they don’t, then you and your coach will do what it takes to craft a talk based upon one of your talks to work it into a wonderful talk that wows your audience. 

Each signature talk needs to be tailored to the opportunity as it arises. You are the architect, the designer, and the builder of your own future. I am your coach who is here to share the tools and skills that deliver repeated success.

If you wish to learn public speaking that can change your life, give you more confidence and create more visibility and success then we should chat.

What’s Included In This Training Package


8 weeks of speaker training from America's favorite speaking coach, Steve Sapato


On going instruction on how to develop your Storytizing message and why it's far superior to storytelling


One full hour dedicated to helping you establish your signature topic


Speak on stage for 15 minutes & get a professional recording


5 video presentations plus full critiques


Fully develop with you a 15-min talk to make you the expert on your topic


Hands-on script writing development


Self Study course on Storytizing


Attend SpeakerTalks Day One to learn about stage usage, movement, proper microphone use, how to use your PowerPoint


Day Two of SpeakerTalks - present your 15-min talk and get professionally recorded

Personal, group, or self-study we have an option so everyone gets what they need out of our courses.

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