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“Speaking with confidence is life-changing.”


Steve Sapato



Stop Boring Meetings! Be an Engaging Leader

Many times, boring meetings are born by the boring speakers and presenters in your organization responsible for leading meetings.” – Steve Sapato

Fact: A great public speaker does not host boring meetings. 

Not everyone has to speak publicly or represent themselves or their organization. But if they do, let it not be to earn a reputation for boring meetings! If you need to present or speak to an audience, that boring speaker certainly need not be you either.

Become a Great Public Speaker

Confidence alone won’t prevent you from being boring. There are many confident people who don’t know how to engage an audience. Without the right training, most speakers do not understand the reasons for boring presentations. People say, but my material is not boring. No, your material is dry, you are boring and your audience is bound to yawn within minutes of you stepping on stage or behind the camera.

True confidence is born of knowledge expertise and experience. Are you the go-to person for the information those in your field seek? Become that expert. Don’t stop learning until you reach your destination. 

In short – know your stuff!

When you know your opening line and your closing line off by heart and you exhibit honest eye contact, relaxing body language, engaging conversation, and you’re taught to mind your gestures, you’re already miles ahead of the pack.

  • Do you know how to win arguments without losing the person you defeated? 
  • Do you know how to control the narrative no matter how the conversation goes?
  • Do you know how to use your nervous energy and deal with distractions?
  • Do you know how to use tonalities and the power of the pause?

These are but a few of the essential skills that you will gain from even just one short speaker training course with Steve Sapato and his team.

Engaged Audiences Aren’t Ever Bored

Bored audiences are always your fault as a speaker. However, that never gives you license to treat your listeners in either a demeaning or dismissive manner. You need to win your audience over to you and your subject by showing the respect that engenders unspoken support.

Build your speaking business up with tried and tested ways to engage and delight your listeners. That makes you a memorable and desirable speaker. From there it’s a short step to a powerful, motivational speaker.

Skilled Storytizing Stops Boring Meetings

Stories alone will not guarantee a riveting presentation. There are many people who tell boring stories.

Steve Sapato and his team have coined the phrase, Storytizing to differentiate what makes for good storytelling, and enthusiastic audience engagement.

In essence, storytelling has the purpose of connecting you to your listeners or audience in a way that has them ‘eating out of your hand’ as the saying goes. It’s what will catapult you to success, to be a desirable speaker, and the most powerful way you can build your business as a hired speaker.

To awaken people’s EQ, you need to tell stories that ignite their emotions. Most business people have crushed theirs with too much IQ. which is why they are difficult to persuade or move away from long-help preconceived ideas.


What could be more delightful than being paid to tell stories! 

13 Failproof Secrets That Kill Boring in Meetings


    1. Be confident.
    2. Know your audience
    3. Show your personality
    4. Have great eye contact.
    5. Know your closing line
    6. Know your opening line
    7. Use the many tonalities
    8. Have great body language
    9. Never use your pointer finger.
    10. Embrace the power of the pause
    11. Ignite the audience with emotion
    12. Don’t let distractions distract you
    13. Use your nervous energy for excitement
    14. Make sure you use their emotions, memories, and experiences.

To become a great speaker is to learn from the best. To guarantee you never bore your audience, CLICK HERE and talk to Steve about what the best option is for you and your company!

What’s Included In This Training Package


Why is this meeting necessary - Purpose & Goal


Who to invite to a meeting and the rights of refusal


Insuring you have management buy-in for the meetings


Learn how to speak & deliver


Learn which methods of communication work for the participants


How to begin organizing a meeting to be effective


Establishing the people to create a working room for the meeting


Learn How to create an atmosphere of success


Learn the importance of eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, volume, pitch


Learn which methods don't work for the participants


Setting an agenda for a meeting and distributing it


Setting rules and guidelines for each meeting


Learn how to engage and create connection for meeting success


Learn how to control all participants effectively without conflict

Personal, group, or self study we have an option so everyone can be a great speaker!

Boring Meetings Suck!

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Are you ready to be one of the best presenters in your industry?

How about delivering presentations that excite the audience and even better get yeses from the prospective clients?

How about talks and meetings that have meaning and inspire your staff?

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