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How to Become a Better Public Speaker – Virtual Speaking Training

‘All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since the global pandemic flung so many from all walks of life and professions into the new virtual landscape of online presenting, digital presentation training has become the new kid on the speaker training block. Therefore, learning how to become a better public speaker in today’s world requires an understanding of the technology involved in virtual speaking. 

Steve Sapato and his team are leading the way in Virtual Training. He has pioneered his becoming a Certified Virtual Trainer (CVP) and teaches the difference between online virtual presenting and leading meetings vs in-person presentations. 

Receiving Your Virtual Speaker Training Online

In this day and age of less travel, online training has moved to the forefront in many industries.

Being able to present and be effective has never been more challenging. Steve has been training in both areas for over ten years and he equates the differences to the entertainment industry. Many Hollywood movie stars tried to transition to TV and failed. And many TV icons tried to move from TV to Hollywood movies and failed. Why?

It is fairly obvious to those with the knowledge. They require significantly different skills. The same is true for In-Person speaking and presentations vs. online virtual presentations. And if you don’t master these differences you are bound to fail. This is why Steve offers virtual presentation training and gives out the CVP certification to those who learn the techniques to engage online audiences.

Understanding the Technology for Virtual Speaking and Presenting

Understanding your tech? Instead of using giant screens behind you and your PowerPoint, you will be using Share Screen technology and the tiny monitors on computers.

Instead of giant hand movements, grand gestures, and moving around the stage to connect with audiences of all sizes, it is vital that CVP has learned how to navigate the computer screen.

It is still vital to engage your audience which most speakers fail miserably at. But you still need movement. Hand gestures that appear IN and ON the screen. Body and head movement forward to show interest and back to relax. Facial expressions are doubly important on virtual and I tell all of my speakers to practice their facial expressions for 2-minutes every day in the mirror. Mad, sad, excited, happy, disappointed. you name it you will need it on the small screen. We will work with you on all of this and more.

Variety is the Spice of Virtual Presenting

It’s now called Xoom Fatigue but let’s call it what it is, Boring Speaker Syndrome. We have spent hours and hours on much smaller screens but it’s badly run and bad leadership in meetings that is burning people out, BORED!

That is what CVP (Certified Virtual Training) is designed to eliminate or minimize, most people have no idea how to be entertaining, how to engage an audience, how to create interest and involvement. This is where Storytizing must be used to keep your audience engaged.

But here are a couple more tips.

Avoid text-heavy visual aids and ensure that you do the speaking. Your graphics should never take your place, or you might be out of a speaking job! 

Body language and repetitive gestures will also quickly bore your audience. Virtual speaking training will supply you with all the skills you need and help you avoid the common pitfalls that would make you look like an amateur.

What’s Included In This Training Package


8 weeks of speaker training from America's favorite speaking coach, Steve Sapato


Self Study Course on Signature Talks


Training on the nuances of connecting with a virtual audience


Extensive training on questioning techniques


Instruction on the use of gestures for the virtual environment


Self Study course on Storytizing


Hands on script writing development


On going instruction on how to develop your Storytizing message and why it's far superior to storytelling


Learning how to engage a virtual audience and keep them involved


Instruction of facial expressions


5 video presentations plus full critiques


How to effectively do a presentation using a teleprompter


Instruction on using chats and messages


Creating an awareness of the vocal part of your virtual presentation and how it differs from in-person/stage performance

Virtual, stages, meetings, and more. Choose how you want your speaking career to start!

How to Become A Better Virtual Speaker

In the world of virtual speaker training, much attention has to be toward mastering conferencing and creating effective online content whether for podcasts or webinars. 

With Steve Sapato’s course, you’ll gain the confidence you need and the know-how to communicate as a professional and authoritative speaker. Discovering how to become a better public speaker starts here.

Virtual Speaker Training

Virtual meetings have become a very lucrative way to make money and build your speaking businesses. They also don’t require you to travel to be on the stage. If you are ready to maximize your reach from your home computer let’s get started!

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