Shutup & Succeed The ultimate article to know when to stop talking

Most people talk themselves out of all of their success. You have to know when to stop talking about you and your business.

No one needs to know all about your product or service. What they need to know is do you have a product or service that can help them with their problem.  Is that what you are sharing?

Almost no one I meet at any networking event understands this concept. A fatal flaw in any networking training.

Have you ever received or taken any networking training? How can you hope to get all that you can out of something if you have never studied it? Is that how you run all of your business? I will just keep doing what I have been doing…

Wait, isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

Isn’t that what you have been doing in your networking? What if you could get four times the results from your networking simply by taking one class on professional business networking? Would you do it?


First, what is your goal for any networking. In person, online, at a party, any place you go? Do you have a goal?

But that’s for an entire course. Here is why you are reading. Do you talk your way past success? Do you over-talk? Do you over-share?  I am betting you do. We all do. Or, we all used to until you learn how to get the most out of your networking.

Simple, right here are three examples that you might relate to.

  1. Networker intro- I am xyz and I run ABC moving company.  Blah blah blah – Q&A: Oh, how large an area do you cover? (what is this question? Did you recognize it? It’s a buying sign. What should you do right here and right now? ASK!)  Networker: We cover a large area. 5 states, 47 counties. blah blah blah  (Talked right past a sale)  

  2. Networker  intro- I sell legal shield blahblah blah   Q&A: Oh, so what you are saying is that if I need to update my will that it’s included in your service?       Networker: Yes, all of that and we also help people with writing wills, all kinds of legal documents blah blah blah

  3. Networker intro – I sell advertising and marketing supplies of all make and manner. blah blah blah     Q&A:  I have been looking for xyz and can’t seem to find it. Do you have those?        Networker – I am sure I can find that. We also have blah blah blah

Do you see it yet? Is this you? They kept talking!

Why do you go networking? To get an appointment from an interested party to sit down with them, find out what they really want and are willing to buy. To see if you can help them solve their problem.  Right?

Each one of these examples is so simple as you look at them but every one of us has talked right past an appointment and a lot more business.

Without the proper training almost every entrepreneur talks themselves right out of an appointment and a probable sale.  Maybe you have already missed hundreds. Maybe you need to get a lot more appointments and explode your business.

If the right training can help you set 50% more appointments how much money would that put into your pocket? How much success would that mean to you?

I’m Steve Sapato, coach and trainer. Reach out to me at or 813-906-9197 and see if I can help you close a lot more business.







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