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Join Us At Speaker Talks 2022 


Join the TedTalk Style event where you can be a speaker or just learn from the coaches that have “been there done that” and are here to tell you all the secrets! 

October 2022 | 8am to 5pm | Tampa, FL

What To Expect At Speaker Talks Live

SpeakerTalks™ Live is two days of excitement & energy that will help you jump start your speaking.

When you work with one of the great speaking coaches, Steve Sapato, you know you are going to learn with the intent to implement and enhance your speaking career.

Some of you may be good speakers, some of you might be new speakers, and some of you simply need your speaking reel in front of a live audience to get reactions and involvement.

So you will get all of this and much more when you attend.

Day one of SpeakerTalks™ is all about stage training and speaking. There will be audience members who just want to learn a little about speaking to get a few tips about being a speaker.

Therefore, you will get one to two hours of actual tips on being a good speaker.

As one of the SpeakerTalks speakers, you come with 8-weeks of speaker training from the amazing Steve Sapato. Then, at this event we put you on-stage! Will you be excited about learning more about being on stage?

This first day we will be showing you how to polish your 15-minute talk by using great stage presence, the movement, the energy, the excitement, the connection.

Can you see yourself presenting on stage?

One of the areas that has produced great awareness and helpful feedback is when you get 5-minutes on-stage, start your presentation, and then get a critique on that 5 minutes. Everyone has said this 5-min critique is amazingly helpful. This helps you improve your talk so that when you get to the 2nd day of speaking you are significantly better prepared. And that recording of you giving your very best 15-minute talk to make you the expert happens for you and not to you.

Does that sound great? Say yes!

That’s What Inspired Us To Start Speaker Talks!

We were fed up with other speaking events not really training
or providing a stage where speakers could get real help.

Most other sites only wanted to provide a fake platform
so their speakers would sell to you from the stage.

We wanted to offer you real training that would start a real speaking career.

Speaker Talks Day 1:

  • Speaker Tips on being a great speaker/presenter
  • How to write your own introduction
  • 5 Minutes on stage to present and get a critique
  • Stage movement
  • Audience presentation techniques
  • Microphone usage
  • PowerPoint use
  • Still photos of you throughout the event
  • Proper use of the stage for the video recording
  • How to be easy to work with
  • Introduction to business systems and tactics to grow your speaking business from amazing business leaders

Speaker Talks Day 2:

  • Your 15 min professionally recorded presentation
  • Learn how to enter the stage
  • Networking with other speakers and business leaders
  • Get professionally recorded
  • Still photographs of you at the event
  • Become part of the Best Speaker in Tampa competition
  • Be available for trophy presentation at the end of the event
  • Satisfaction for your on-stage performance with professional video to be delivered
  • Exposure in promotions for SpeakerTalks™ throughout the year
  • Placement of your video on the SpeakerTalks™ YouTube channel

The best thing of being part of SpeakerTalks™ is that you become part of the community. Get to know each other, previous speakers and people who can offer you insights for growing your speaking business.

It is relationships that will change your life.

But you will have a great time, learn all about stage speaking, be introduced to some great tools to help you grow your business, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Get involved now.

Learn From The Best

Our workshop and training wouldn’t be complete without the professional speakers and trainers that join us to talk about how you can leverage speaking in your business and work life. This session’s speakers are below and yes, you will get to mingle with each and every one of them!

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2 online courses: Storytizing & Signature Talks

Personal coaching from Steve Sapato and not a surrogate

Walk away with energy, excitement, and the know-how to launch your speaking career, as a paid speaker

Showcase what you learn by speaking on our stage

Leave with a professionally recorded video

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$5000 package is the major sponsor and gets you 50 min of talk time on stage, a vendor table, cross talks with the MC while he is on stage and at least 30 mentions in our two-month advertising campaign as the major sponsor of the Speaker Talks event!

Additional contracts based upon your selling skills to our audience are welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Inspired You To Start Speaker Talks?

What we thought was needed was a real opportunity to help people with a message and speakers who needed additional training. This is done in an 8-week process to prepare you to speak on stage regardless of your ability. Whether you want to share your message to change the world or you want to learn how to make a living as a professional speaker we established SpeakerTalks™.

What should I wear?

This is YOUR professional image. If you speak to hillbillies and PTA’s, then casual attire is ok. However, most of us want to speak to professional organizations and get paid $5,000 – $10,000. That means no paisley pants, no torn up jeans, but professional attire! Suits and Dresses! Professional! You can always change clothes after you speak but you are also trying to leave an impression from your still photos that will be taken during the event.

Do I have to attend both days?

Yes! The training is required for day one and it is only courtesy for all of the speakers and presenters to remain until the event ends and awards given out.

What should I bring to the event?

A change of clothes, snacks, your own cameras and stands, your own quality name tag if you have one. If you do not have one, please contact me as soon as possible.

Past Attendees Are Excited!