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Feeling paralyzed at just the thought of speaking in public? With the right training, you can channel that anxiety into confidence and leave your audience wowed!


Learn how to tell stories using audiences’ memories and emotions to create huge changes for those listening to what you have to say.

10 Basics to Get You Started

Public speaking is a pretty common fear, but it doesn’t have to leave you speechless. It boils down to preparation. The good news is that when you combine our tips with a little hard work, you can confidently survive your next presentation or speech.

  1.     Embrace the power of the pause  
  2.     Know your opening and closing lines
  3.     Make eye contact
  4.     Know your audience
  5.     Show your personality

6.    Have great body language
7.    Use the many tonalities
8.    Be confident
9.    Ignite the audience with emotion
10.  Use nervous energy for excitement


Learn from the best! Steve Sapato is an author, certified virtual presenter, and professional trainer who believes if you can communicate effectively you’re in-line for success.


Hone your skills as a professional speaker, master the fundamentals and channel confidence.


Steve Sapato has been a speaker and trainer for over 40 years, sharing business acumen and real-life motivational stories across America.