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Hand Gestures

This displays you are begging.
Do not ever beg!

This displays you are fidgeting.
Do not ever fidget!

This displays you are saying something heartfelt.
This is great! Do this hand gesture!

This displays you are saying
something of great importance.
This is great! Do this hand gesture!

This displays you are confident.
This is great! Do this hand gesture!

Embrace the Power of the Pause

Never use your Pointer Finger

Know your Opening Line

Know your Closing Line

Use your nervous energy for Excitement

Have great Eye Contact

Know your Audience

Don’t let Distractions distract you

Show your Personality

Have great Body Language

Use the many Tonalities

Ignite the audience with Emotion

Be Confident!

Storytelling Is Key To Your Success

When you want to change your life, you must learn how. How can others get to know, like, and trust you? Your answer is, through connecting. Storytelling and connecting is what drastically change your career, make you visible for promotions, bring you more sales, and as a speaker it makes you visible to people looking for your skills to connect with their audience. CLICK HERE to get help and learn how to be a phenomenal storyteller!

Be More Confident

Do you want to influence more people? Would you like to know how to win any argument and control any conversation? Do you want to be looked upon as the expert in your field? Learn the methods that will have people looking to you first for all answers, looking at you as their go-to person. CLICK HERE to get help transforming into the confident person hiding within.

Get More Stage Time

One of the biggest problems for speakers today is not getting a professionally recorded speaker reel. You may speak, but getting a quality recording of your talk and the event is almost impossible unless you can afford a professional audio/visual company.

When you become a speaker at SpeakerTalks you get 15 minutes of stage time, accompanied with a professionally recorded speaker video, so you can use it to create the impressions you want, and need.

Get Listed

Listing your signature talk and posting it on social media will get you noticed. Moreover, it is vital to your success to get your signature talk listed in your LinkedIn profile! CLICK HERE to get help.

Engage Your Audience

Understand and utilize the tactics and techniques for engaging your audience. You must capture your audience before they begin to know, like, and trust you, so they do business with you. Learn what creates a powerful and memorable speaker, so you can build your successful speaking business and generate more leads. CLICK HERE to have Steve help you transform into a powerful and memorable speaker.

Live the Life Of Your Dreams

Most people seek happiness, yet do not find it. Most call this happiness, success; while others call it love, contentment, peace, or relaxation. Whatever you call it, you know you want it… it is what drives you. What if you clicked here to begin living the life of your dreams?  Come on in and live your adventure!

Stop Being A Boring Speaker!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Most people who speak are boring. Could that boring speaker be you? There are hundreds of great speakers, but thousands of untrained, ill-equipped speakers. In a world of quick and easy success seekers, boring speakers are inevitable. However, you do not have to be one of them!

Who keeps hiring those speakers? Most of the time, nobody. This is why so many people are speaking for free, or worse, paying to speak.

Many times, the boring speakers and presenters are in your organization. They are your managers, your supervisors, and your staff who have the responsibility of leading meetings or giving presentations. My question to you is: Did any of them receive elite presenter training? Sadly, probably not.

Hi! I am Steve Sapato!
I have been a speaker for over thirty years. I have spoken across the country and for hundreds of corporations and organizations.

Speaking changes lives. Speaking changes careers!

Why do you want speaker training? Are you seeking to get a promotion, start a business, sell your products and services, become a professional speaker who earns a 6-figure income, or to impact the world?

Great! Your next step is to get the very best speaker training you can get.

Look no further! You have reached the right place! Why? Because I care. Not just about you, but I care that you will be one of my shining examples of how great someone can be as a speaker. I care that my reputation carries a value. Most importantly, I care about helping you become your very best!

While working together, yes, I will teach you how to be a great speaker, but I will also teach you all aspects of being a highly paid professional speaker.

Lessons include, but are surely not limited to…

  • Star camera performance vs star stage performance
  • Speaker sizzle reel
  • Opening doors for speaking opportunities
  • Storytelling
  • Capturing your audiences full attention
  • Your speaker sheets and fee schedule
  • Stage presence and positioning
  • Word choice and conversation
  • Speaker marketing

Now that you are ready, CLICK HERE!