Start Your Amazon business with Stephen Somers on Harlequin Business Show


One of the true experts on building a SUCCESSFUL Amazon business will share with you many of his secrets. No programs to buy, no hope, and prayer marketing but real marketing tips! If you only listen to one podcast on how to build an Amazon business and get your online business profitable from day one, this is the show.


Stephen Summers [1:10]

How college turned me into an employee [2:35]

Shady opportunities we’ve fallen [3:05]

Selling products on the internet [4:15]

Instant millionaire success? [7:21] [10:02]

The American Dream [12:35]

We’re not going to be perfect straightaway [19:51]

Different Amazon websites [23:20]

What is Amazon Prime [24:35]

Net Profit [28:10]

Focus on becoming a producer and not becoming a consumer [38:46]



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