Stop Boring Speakers

Are you boring? Stop it!

Wait, you are probably like millions of other people that don’t know they are boring. Want to know? Simple, record yourself. If you don’t make yourself laugh, smile, interact, write something down one time per minute .. you are boring!

To some, that sounds like a lot and I am over-exaggerating a little but not by much.

Your only job as a speaker or presenter is to convey your message to your audience. What does that mean? Well, what’s your message? If you are leading a meeting then whatever your meeting info is must be conveyed, right?

If you are running a business meeting, a corporate meeting, a kids meeting! You must convey that message. What if you are a salesperson? Convey your intent. What if you are a car salesperson? CONVEY! Get it?

You almost always have a message. I say almost because you and I have met people that seem to ramble on for days and have nothing to say. That’s a completely different scenario. (BTW that is pronounced seen-r-ee-oh and not sken-r-ee-oh. A personal tic of mine, sorry.)

If your job is to convey then you can’t put people into mind-numbing stupors on your way to do it and yet we all watch people do that day after day, week after week. Ugh!

Why? Why do we do it? I shouldn’t include you should I? But we are all boring at times. I often have apologized to people for talking to long or talking about ME! That is the number one reason people are boring. They talk about themselves.

In my newest book, ‘Shutup & Succeed’ I expound on how most of us do not understand that everyone is most interested in themselves over us. Would you agree? You would rather talk about you than hear me talk about me. Right?

Oh, please do be honest now. You are alone reading this right? We are selfish beings. It is who we are.

And once you recognize that ‘truth’ then I hope you will become more cognizant of your proclivity to focus on yourself. (ooo, big words. I liked it.)

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If you know a boring speaker, ask them if they know boring speakers or presenters? See if they ever mention themselves seriously or just joke that they might be one, but their 1st brain is protecting them by using humor to deflect what they might know. Invite them to share what makes a speaker interesting to see if they know, then come back next week to see some of the things people need to do to be Engaging.

Please note I said engaging and not funny, witty, or humorous. To be interesting does not mean entertaining. Interesting should be engaging or they probably wouldn’t be interesting.

Remember this, interesting to people who share your same passions (archaeology for example) is not necessarily interesting or especially engaging, to people outside of your expertise. Engaging means you are connecting with all of the people in your audience and not just your SME’s (subject matter experts) who share your topic.

I hope this helps you to consider your own situation. Are you a boring speaker/meeting leader/presenter?

I am Steve Sapato, the most famous unfamous speaker in America and I hope you will click that subscribe button. It’s right over there, or was it there? I keep forgetting where I put it but I believe you might know where to find it.


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