The Most Important Thing for Your Company


Tim Sparks is a human resource professional, a keynote speaker, a corporate trainer, and a professional leadership coach.

He has been featured for the industry and speaking conferences across the southeastern United States.

When you run a company or organization it’s your company culture that is vital to your success.

Learn more about how Tim Sparks can help you re-align your culture, discover its flaws and heal your company.

You can reach Tim at


The most important thing for your business [1:00]

What is company culture? [2:00]

A horrible company run by horrible people [4:06]

Culture eats strategy for breakfast [5:23]

Why engagement is important? [6:24]

How does culture work? [8:30]

Reward your people [11:15]

Culture in organization is shaped by worst behavior [12:50]


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